Beauty On A Budget

In this post, I will share some of my most closely guarded secrets, tips and tricks to getting the most out of your money when it comes to skincare products! I hope that you find these helpful, and feel free to contribute your own in the comments section.



  • Literally scrape the bottom of the barrel. In every container, use a cotton swab to get the last bits of that moisturizer or cleanser out, or add water into your tube of cleanser, shake it up, and use the mixture. Don’t throw away the last bits of something you paid good money for, it just takes a little effort to get one more day’s worth!
  • Check the dollar store. Not for their beauty products *shudder* but for their dried herbs. I recently acquired dried chamomile flowers, eucalyptus leaves, and spearmint leaves for $1 each, which I intend to use in a facial steam before my next masque. You can also check your grocery store, but the price points tend to be higher there for the exact same items you can find at a dollar store. Just make sure you check the ingredients and there aren’t any additives, the dried herbs should be pure. Not to mention, you get a generous amount for your money!
  • Take full advantage of advertised promos. I wait to order online until there is an irresistible promotion of multiple free full-size products that I want, when spending a certain dollar amount, and place my order then. You can generally get a deal that throws in free shipping, and there are a lot of promos that are not available in stores (although there are also in-store promos that aren’t available online, so be sure and check both before spending!) Make sure the promo is really good though – free samples with an order aren’t really worth your attention, you can get those completely free through other means (see next tip!).
  • FREE SAMPLES! It’s actually rather easy, if you have a little time during the day on a weekday when most people are not out shopping. When salespeople have time on their hands and don’t seem to mind chatting with you, strike up a friendly conversation about the type of products you’re looking for, what you’re currently using and why it’s not working so well. You are planting the seed that you will be a loyal customer once you’ve tried their products, but BE SUBTLE – never ever ask for samples outright, they will be more generous if you make them feel like it was their idea. Let them show you a few things, listen and ask questions that pertain to the items, and when they have finished, ask if they offer a travel size version of the product (some stores actually do, but a good company will have trained their employees to offer free samples; confidence in your product means knowing that people will invest once they see how effective it is!) Some of the best stores for this, in my experience, are: LUSH, Origins, Sephora (lots of brands and large variety of products), and Kiehl’s. You can also take advantage of the ongoing Origins promotion of a free mini-facial, which is one of the best freebies in the industry in my opinion. They will give you a full consultation on your skin concerns and needs, select specific products for you, give you a full facial which lasts about a half hour, and send you home with about 2 weeks worth of samples with no pressure to buy! Once you see the results and how concentrated the products are, meaning you can use little dabs to make them last much longer, you will be hooked.
  • Utilize recycling programs! The only one that I know of at the moment is through LUSH – if you bring back 6 black plastic pots (empty and washed out thoroughly), they will give you a FREE fresh face mask! I’m unsure if you can bring *any* container of theirs, or if they have to be the face mask pots, so make sure you check before buying. This is great because it encourages customers to return to the store, the company reuses their containers after sanitizing them, and best of all YOU benefit directly by getting some free skincare goodies! The masks generally retail for around $7 or $8, so it’s a pretty generous offer.
  • Make trades with people! Friends, family, friends-of-friends, online people you trust – everyone ends up with stuff they can’t use, why not make the most of it and swap for something you need? Without taking advantage, you can sometimes get a good trade in your favor for something more expensive or hard to obtain than what you’re giving away. Some people just don’t care and want it gone, and would rather have something they actually want!


That’s all I can think of off the top of my head right now, I will add more later if it comes to me, or dedicate another post to this subject. Please contribute your trade secrets in the comments, let’s all benefit from one another and the experiences we have all had!



3 thoughts on “Beauty On A Budget

  1. Really god tips there. I feel you know your stuff. Especially love the one re dried herbs. So good to see info about beauty that doesn’t involve spending loads of money. Any chance you may do something on natural products that you can get from say Farmers Markets, dupermarkets etc and make into beauty products?

    • Hi Elise! xoxo
      Most definitely! I am going to be experimenting with a few different homemade recipes, and I will report back with the ones I find successful. Thanks for the kind words and the suggestions! I really appreciate your support ❤ mwah!

    • oh and also, if you find yourself utilizing any of these tips, please do report back and let me know if they worked for you or not, feedback is crucial for bettering the information we all share! xoxo much love!!

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